About Us

iPEACE223 is a start-up company that is developing an innovative process for propylene production by catalytic conversion of ethylene derived from ethanol. It will be expected to contribute to carbon neutralization by providing environmentally benign propylene and its derivatives, resulting in the realization of future society, in which fossil resources are not consumed any more.

Switching from fossil resources to biomass

From petrochemical materials to biomass imageFrom petrochemical materials to biomass image

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Switching from fossil resources to biomass for realizing carbon neutralization of fuels and chemicals

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We can propose ETP (ethylene to propylene) process for catalytic conversion of ethylene derived from ethanol, which is widely used as an additive of automobile fuel. It provides LPG (liquified petroleum gas)-alternative and bio-propylene through the highly selective and cost-effective ways.

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  • We can provide propylene by the combination of well-modified catalyst affording highly selective conversion of ethylene and well- differentiated regeneration process of deactivated catalyst. We hold highly exclusive IP position.
  • Our technology can realize the drastic mitigation of CO2 emission by providing LPG-alternative and propylene derived from bioethanol as a resource, which can be procured in high volumes.