iPEACE223 Inc. receives Personal Information (refers to personal information as defined in Article 2, Paragraph (1), of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the “Personal Information Protection Act”; same below)) from its customers and other business associates (referred to collectively below as “business partners”), for use in business operations. iPEACE223 is deeply aware of the importance of protecting the Personal Information of business partners, and believes that healthy relationships with business partners would not be possible without the protection of such Personal Information. iPEACE223 is publishing its privacy policy here in order to build stronger trust relationships with those business partners.

iPEACE223 will not use Personal Information obtained from business partners for any purposes other than those listed below:

  1. To execute operations within the scope of usage purposes indicated when the Personal Information is obtained
  2. To conduct market surveys, questionnaires, and data analysis
  3. To conduct administrative operations related to various events held by iPEACE223
  4. To ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to iPEACE223’s operations
  5. To respond to complaints and inquiries
  6. To otherwise appropriately execute transactions with business partners

iPEACE223 will not disclose or provide a business partner’s Personal Data (refers to personal information comprising a personal information database, as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act) to a third party except when consent has been obtained from the person in question, or when such disclosure or provision is allowed by law.

When the business partner requests the confirmation, disclosure (including the disclosure of record of provision to a third party), correction, deletion, addition, suspension of use, or elimination of a person’s Personal Information, iPEACE223 shall respond without delay. If a request for disclosure is desired, please provide a document to confirm the person’s identity (e.g., a driver’s license). Please note, however, that if information has been eliminated or if the use of information has been suspended, it may regretfully become impossible to provide services in accordance with requests.

iPEACE223 will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, laws related to the use of numbers to identify specified individuals in the context of administrative procedures, and other Japanese laws related to the handling of Personal Information, as well as related guidelines and other standards.

iPEACE223 will strive to maintain in-house structures for the appropriate handling of Personal Information, and will strive to prevent risks of leaks, alteration, or loss of Personal Information by implementing appropriate safety management measures.

Please direct any inquiries related to iPEACE223’s handling of Personal Information to: